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When searching for the best scuba diving lessons, individuals may turn to PADI, which is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. PADI scuba diving lessons can be found online so that the basics of diving can be learned from the convenience of home, and the water part of the scuba diving instruction can usually be done at the local pool under a PADI certified instructor. There are many different types of scuba diving lessons that are tailored to the needs of the individual. Some may only need a basic scuba diving lesson so that they can scuba dive when they are on vacation. Others may want to take a more advanced course so that they are trained to teach others to scuba dive. Still others may want to take a course to learn rescue scuba diving so that they can do in water rescues, either in rivers and lakes, or in the open ocean.

Learning the Skills

In order to get the basic skills down to be able to scuba dive on a vacation or around the home area, an individual will usually take about three days to six weeks to complete the scuba diving lessons. The length of time depends on the individual since, to complete the course, the individual has to prove that he or she has mastered the basic scuba diving skills and the knowledge of the equipment and safety issues that are involved with the sport. Scuba diving lessons can be taken by a child as young as ten, although the child has to have a parent that is a certified diver to dive with him. A child under the age of fifteen can only obtain a junior scuba certification from taking a scuba diving course, which means they have to dive with a certified adult. After fifteen they can obtain their regular PADI Open Water Diver certification.

For individuals who are interested in taking a scuba diving lesson but are not sure how they might react under the water, there are some demonstration scuba diving experiences that allow individuals to make a shallow dive in a pool with a certified instructor to see if scuba diving is for them. Once the individual is certified to scuba dive, then they can start to look for resorts and vacation places where they can scuba dive and explore. If the individual does not want to buy his own equipment, there are scuba diving shops that will rent equipment to the scuba diver so that he does not have to haul the equipment with him.

There are different professional diving organizations in the world today, but one of the most respected is PADI, or the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. PADI scuba diving lessons can be found all over the world, and the PADI association also has links to different shops and resorts where individuals can obtain scuba diving equipment and can enjoy sight seeing underwater at the different locations. PADI scuba diving lessons are tailored to the needs of the individuals so that those learning to dive for the first time can find lessons as well as those who are advanced and want to obtain a rescue diving license. The scuba diving lessons cost different amounts depending on the type of lesson.

What to Expect

Before signing up to take a PADI scuba diving lesson, some individuals may want to test it out to see if scuba diving is the right sport for them. There are some demonstration diving ‘lessons’ that can be done with a certified instructor in a shallow swimming pool. This allows the individuals to experience the gear of scuba diving and the experience of breathing under the water for the first time. Some individuals end up feeling claustrophobic when under the water and panic, so paying for a scuba diving course would not be the best option for them. The demonstrations are a great way to test the waters before paying for a course.

When taking a PADI scuba diving lesson, there is material that has to be learned through book knowledge and some that has to be obtained by experience in the water. The book knowledge can be obtained through the online part of the PADI scuba diving lessons, which allows individuals to do it on their own time. However, before being able to obtain a certification to scuba dive, the individual will have to prove that he has mastered both the book knowledge and the skills necessary to safely scuba dive in open water. This process for basic certification can take an individual anywhere from three days to six weeks, depending on the time the individual has to devote to the process and how quickly they master the skills in the course. More advanced courses can take a longer time since the divers must have more experience in the water before taking the course, especially for those wanting to obtain the rescue license. There are also some specialized course that allow individuals experience in wreck diving and night diving, as well as obtaining a Master Scuba diver rating through the PADI scuba diving lessons.

Some people might dream of scuba diving in Cancun, but need the lessons to be able to do so. When searching for a method of obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary, he might find that he would like to take the lessons online, with the hands on practice in the water at a local dive shop. The basic scuba diving lesson’s cost is around one hundred twenty dollars plus the cost of renting the equipment and the water lessons at the dive shop, which varies from place to place. The scuba diving lesson’s cost includes several benefits for the individual, depending on what organization the person uses to obtain the lesson. Scuba diving lesson cost includes a diver manual with the important diving a safety information that the individual needs to learn. It also allows the individuals access to the development course materials for a year after the purchase of the program in most cases. These organizations also usually help individuals locate an appropriate hands on diving instructor in their area so that they can learn the skills they need in the water.

Other Courses

There are other scuba diving lessons that cost more because they are specialized and provide additional training for the divers that participate in them. For instance, there is a rescue diver training course which allows individuals to become trained to go on rescue missions either in the open ocean or in lakes and rivers. These course are usually comparable to a college course as far as cost goes and can often be used for college credit. There are additional parts to a course such as a rescue course which means there are extra costs in addition to the scuba diving lessons cost. For instance, to be a rescue diver, the individual will also have to take a first aid and CPR course so that they know what to do in an emergency situation. In addition, there is an Emergency Oxygen Provider course that is also recommended to those in rescue diving courses since it is essential when participating in a rescue mission.

There are other scuba diving lessons that cost more than a basic course such as wreck diving or night diving. These course require individuals to not only learn the material but they also have to practice their skills in open water. The cost of the equipment and getting to the place where they can practice these skills is often significant in addition to the cost of the diving lessons.

There are different professional diving organizations that will provide cheap scuba diving lessons. Usually individuals will need to be careful when choosing a cheap scuba diving lesson because there are some companies that will offer the lessons at a reduced rate, but either will not give all the information up front and there will be additional costs on the back end of the lessons, or the company will not have certified instructors teaching the scuba lessons. The first thing to look for is whether the instructors have been certified through PADI or another scuba certification organization. If they have, that means that they have learned all of the required written material as well as practiced their diving skills so that they are experts in the field.

Other Considerations

Other considerations when choosing a cheap scuba diving lesson other than the quality of the instructors is whether the price covers the entire course or only the written part of the course. Some courses will charge a little over one hundred dollars for the course which includes all of the written materials and access to the online database for the organization. However, in order to receive the certification, the individual will also have to learn the skills of scuba diving which can only be obtained in the water. That means that the individual will have the additional cost of renting the scuba equipment as well as the in water training by another certified instructor.

There are also scuba diving lessons for kids, although in order for a child to take a course he has to be ten years old. These cheap scuba diving lessons require that a parent be certified in diving first and that the parent be there with the child any time he is in the water. The child is only allowed to go to a certain depth until he is twelve years old and can only go with a certified parent. When the child is between twelve and fourteen he can go with any certified adult, and when he is fifteen he can finally get his open water certification so that he can go on his own. The great thing about the cheap scuba diving courses now is that the materials can be used from the comfort of an individual’s home, since everything is posted online for them to use after they have paid the fee. This allows the individual to take as long as they need to get the material down to take the test, even up to a year in most cases. However, most individuals finish within a week, including the water part of the test.

When planning a family vacation to a tropical place like Phuket, it may occur to an individual to pursue scuba diving lessons while there. If there are children that are younger than ten, they will not be able to be involved in the lessons so the parents will need to ensure that they have other activities planned while the rest of the family participates in the lessons. If the children are ten or older, there are kids’ scuba diving lessons available through many different professional diving organizations.

Limitations and Considerations

One limitation on kids’ scuba diving lessons is that children between the ages of ten and twelve will have to be accompanied by a parent who is already certified in scuba diving. Otherwise the child will not be able to participate in the kids’ scuba diving lessons due to the risks involved in the sport. For children who are between the ages of twelve and fourteen, the entire family can start the lessons together since the child only has to be with a certified adult, which is then the instructor. Children who are under fifteen years of age will not be able to get a full open water diving certification, but will have certain restrictions on their certification. For instance, a child between the ages of ten and twelve will always have to be accompanied by a certified parent and can only dive to a certain depth. Children that are between twelve and fourteen can dive as deep as adults but have to be with a certified adult at all times. Once a child reaches fifteen he can get his open water diving certification to dive alone (with parent’s permission of course!)

One consideration about kids’ scuba diving lessons is that the child might be afraid of going under the water and learning to breathe using the breathing apparatus. It is a good idea for the child to go with his parents to a local scuba diving company and ask if they have a demonstration diving experience in a local pool. This demonstration experience will allow the child to do a basic dive in a shallow pool with the equipment to see if he likes it or not. This is helpful to do before buying the lessons, especially if the lessons were going to be done during a family vacation. These demonstration dives are helpful to adults as well, giving them the experience diving to see if they are really interested in learning the sport.