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Discover Scuba Diving Course

Dive in and discover a whole new world with our ‘Discover Scuba Diving Course’

So you want to try your hand at diving? Well, you have certainly come to the right place! Here at Phuket Diving, we offer a comprehensive ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course that will introduce you to your very first underwater experience, helping you take that first step toward your PADI certification. This course is specifically designed for first-timers who are not quite ready to take on the full certification course. Perhaps you are not entirely sure if diving is for you and you just want to get your feet a little wet before you commit yourself entirely. If in the event that this is the case, then this course is most definitely the one for you.

First of all, before you are able to take part in your very first controlled dive, our instructor will go through all of the basic theories behind the art of scuba diving and will help you become accustomed to all of the safety equipment. You will even be able to practice what you have learned in shallow waters along the coast before taking it to the next level!

After you have finished all of the boring yet necessary classroom work, and you have had your first practice and controlled dive; our instructor will take you and your class out in the open waters for two supervised open ocean dives. You will be able to explore the beautiful waters of Ko Raja Island and the nearby coral reef which will allow you to absorb some truly breathtaking and unforgettable views! The total cost of this particular diving course will include all of the equipment rentals, the diving instructor’s fees, the boat trip out into the open blue, and an additional mid-day meal to keep you stocked up and energized!

Contact us for more information about this awesome introductory course! It’s time to get wet!

Discover Scuba Diving (Explored diving only in 1 day)
1 Shore Dive (from Nov – May only) 2,200 Baht
2 Shore Dives (from Nov – May only) 2,800 baht
2 Boat Dives Racha Yai Is. or Racha Noi and/or Yai Is. 4,200 baht
3 Boat Dives To  Racha Noi and/or Racha Yai Is. 4,500 baht

Our Price included equipment and insurance
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