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PADI Open Water Diver Course

Receive your Open Water PADI certification with Phuket Diving

Are you new to diving? Whether you have never been before, or you have dived a few times and are now looking to obtain a recognised diving qualification; our ‘PADI open water diver course might be the one for you. This open water diver course is an internationally recognised qualification designed for both uncertified divers and beginners. This course will arm you with the knowledge and skillset which will allow you to comfortable explore the underwater world in safety. Upon the completion of this particular course you will then be qualified to receive your very own PADI Open Water Diver certificate which will then enable you to dive in safety all over the globe.

At the very core of this comprehensive training course you will be split between practical application and learning theory. The first day will allow you to learn some shallow water skills and the very basic academic training to get you started. Following that for the final two days our instructor will then take you out in the deep blue to complete four to six different open water training dives. These dives will be carried out in supervision which will give you the opportunity to experience the stunning reefs that are waiting to be discovered in the mystifying waters of the Andaman Ocean.When carrying out your open water training dives, there will be up to four beach dives that consist of two, one day trips, which is of course dependant on what time of year you are diving and the current state of the weather. The total course fee will cover all of the required diving equipment rentals that are necessary to complete the course, on top of the PADI open water diver manual, your very own log-book for your course and indeed the registration fee for the PADI certification itself.

So what are you waiting for? Snatch this phenomenal qualification up and start your underwater adventures. Dive in and experience a whole new world full of beauty and wonder.

Open Water Diving Course (PADI) 3 Days Course
4 Boat Dives 12,500 baht
5 boat dive 12,900 baht
6 boat dive 13,300 baht

Our Price included equipment and insurance
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