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Phuket Liveaboard

Phuket Liveaboard Destinations in the North

Lovediving Phuket LiveboardOne of the most famous and all-time favorite dive sites in Thailand can be found northwest of the island of Phuket. The nine beautiful Similan Islands, featuring a variety of stunning marine life, are the destinations of a number of Phuket liveaboard boats. It’s easy to understand why the area is so popular, with its unlimited diving at more than 25 sites in clear, warm water.

The Megui Archipelago and the Burma Banks, both of which are rarely explored, lie about 180 kilometers northwest of the Similan Islands. These underwater mountains rise up more than 350 meters from the ocean floor, reaching just below the surface. These banks have become world-famous as a result of divers’ close encounters with all sorts of marine life, including silver tip and nurse sharks, and huge schools of pelagic fish, together with the unforgettable thrill of gliding over these amazing underwater plateaus.

Lovediving Phuket Liveboard

The newly opened Andaman Islands, some 350 kilometers to the northwest, are situated north to south in the Indian Ocean. The possibilities for diving are limitless, and the area is only now being explored. It won’t be long before these islands will become more widely known to the world.

Near the border of Burma is Richelieu Rock, which completes our triangle. There are few places in the world better than this tiny pinnacle for swimming with the whale shark, regarded by divers as a gentle giant. Whale sharks, some of which grow to lengths of 30 meters, can be spotted here more than 60 percent of the time.

Lovediving Phuket Liveboard

Phuket Liveaboard Destinations in the South

Starting from Phuket, we go eastward to the tourist-favorite day-trip spots of Shark Point and Koh Phi Phi, famed for their breathtaking soft coral. This area is also where the easygoing leopard sharks, some of which are more than two meters long, make frequent appearances. Thousands of visitors make annual treks to Koh Phi Phi to enjoy the scenery and relaxing attractions onshore.

Going south, we come to unpopulated islands covered with tropical vegetation and edged by clear blue ocean, and spotted with peaks such as Hin Daeng, which rises more than 60 meters.

Here, divers will find whale sharks, dazzling species of fish, and eye-catching coral growth among many other amazing sights.