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PADI Phuket

PADI Phuket and IDC

The best way to fully enjoy the sport of scuba diving is by gaining a thorough understanding of the safe procedures that must be followed in order to properly prepare for and safely complete the dive. When you plan your dive trip to Phuket, you can expect to find some of the top Divemasters in the business as well as some very professional dive shops, which will provide you with top-quality equipment to enhance your world-class diving experience.

Safety should be the top focus of any diving course, so be sure to choose an instructor that will help to make your dive experience both safe and enjoyable. If you are looking for a dive experience that can help you to upgrade your diving skills or assist you in earning your certification, Phuket is an excellent place to visit.

The Andaman Sea boasts warm blue waters, making it the perfect underwater classroom for you to learn your diving skills. You should be sure to choose a quality dive school that features diving instructors with current, professional certifications, and is considered by PADI to be qualified to teach students at multiple levels.

The only real skill that is required for a beginner to take a course is to know how to swim. The courses provided are designed to make the sport of diving exciting and enjoyable for anyone who wants to learn how to dive, regardless of their physical condition. Most dive shops on Phuket carry all of the diving equipment necessary for you to take your course or to rent for use during your trip.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)

Having more than 40 years experience, 135,000 PADI Pros and more than 5,800 dive centers and resorts world-wide, PADI schooling servies and materials allow you to enjoy diving from almost anywhere.

Scuba diving with PADI Instructors, Dive Centers and Resorts can help transform your life through experience, equipment, conservation, environmental, education.

World Class Education

There are a throng of PADI diving courses to select from. Whether you desire to study scuba, better your skills or become a scuba instructor, you can do it via the PADI System of diver teaching.

Large Number of Experiences

PADI Diving Shops offer a variety of experiences through diving trips, tours and local charters. At your local PADI Diving Shop or Resort, you can explore dive sites near your hotel or exotic vacation addresses around the globe. You can also make life-long friendships with fellow diving chums in the PADI Diving Society.

Discover Suba Equipment

Discover all the fun gizmos and scuba gear available to you through PADI Diving Shops and Resorts.

Environmental Conservation

Organisations like Project AWARE Foundation and partnerships with organisations like the National Geographic Society help to preserve and protect underwater environments. It may be possible to volunteer with your local PADI Diving Shop or Holiday Resort and participate in a number of conservation events.

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